Expert PCB Assembly Services

Material Management


 Wellex Supports Turnkey and Consigned Material


For turnkey projects, our experienced buyers order parts from world wide suppliers to meet clients’ needs for speed and flexibility while keeping total costs low. We ensure that all materials are available when needed to allow for optimal manufacturing time.


For consigned projects, we trace material shortages throughout the manufacturing process. The shortages are reported to clients in a timely manner, enabling production to meet the customer’s original delivery schedule.


Inventory Management Flexibility

Wellex implements Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), or consignment based on customers’ demand. These demand pull models enable flexible demand coverage regardless of forecast variations. Wellex also monitors supplier performance reports to ensure that all suppliers provide parts on time. Our procurement department also works with the distributors with the Bond Program, a demand pull based replenishment model. These steps ensure that the VMI is a functional success.

Our MRP system calculates material proprietary supply and demand chain analysis to procure parts in on time. It works by removing raw material or intermediate assembly lead-times from the critical path, reducing excess inventory while providing necessary flexibility, enhancing reaction speed, and minimizing downstream delivery lead-times.