Expert PCB Assembly Services

Program Management

The Wellex Program Management Team is designed to be the client's dedicated point-of-contact. It functions with advanced Project Engineers, dedicated Production Controls Staff, and experienced Project Buyers to ensure customer time to market and time to volume requirements are met. Wellex Program Managers are able to transform your vision into an executable plan.

Upon program adoption, a seasoned Program Manager begins with a detailed analysis of the existing manufacturing process. Internally, Program Managers resolve customer program issues via facilitation with functional operation team members at Wellex. Externally, Program Managers deliver customers’ program needs and ensure customer satisfaction.

The Wellex Program Management Team is focused on:

  • Establishing close working relationships with customers in setting project goals, objectives and deliverables on a daily basis.
  • Maintaining close and open communication between the team members at Wellex and clients through conference calls and meetings to ensure that they fully understand the program progress at every stage.
  • Collaborative decision-making, if the results lead to a change of direction or priorities within the program.

Once the Program Management Team understands a customer's goals, a dedicated Program Manager will prioritize and deliver those features by working closely with key technical resources. Internally this consists of meeting with process and test engineerings, prototype and production operation staff, and documentation control personnel. Material Program Managers also offer customers suggestions and ideas that improve production cost or overall functionality and life cycle of the device.

Wellex offers full turnkey solutions at all levels of manufacturing. Whether customers are looking for a simple sub assembly or complex system integration, our Program Managers expertise in program management is an asset in manufacturing options. Customers in competitive markets require a fast and flexible manufacturing partner, and the Wellex Program Management Team takes that approach to meet customers’ expectation. We pride ourselves on our quick response time to customers’ questions and requests which reflects personal work ethic and model for entire Wellex.